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Back to my roots….Rayville, Louisiana

When I told my Grandpa Beach last December that I was taking a trip around the country for six months, he told me there was only one place he wanted me to make sure I visited…that was Rayville, Louisiana and … Continue reading

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Hot Springs, Arkansas and Crystal Mining

A few weeks ago, when we were crossing the desert of Arizona, we made a stop one day along the roadside that had some pretty cool looking petrified wood.  Nathan and Christian were talking to each other and one commented … Continue reading

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Diamond Mining in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

After the Douglas’ headed back to Colorado, we were ready to turn north to take in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas before heading to the deep south.  First though, we made an overnight stop at my mom’s cousin’s house.  … Continue reading

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Dallas, Texas

From Austin, we headed three hours north to Dallas.  I had the good fortune of having the trip timed just right to attend my friend Ron’s Self Reliance Expo he was hosting in Dallas for the weekend.  This was quite … Continue reading

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Austin, Texas…live music capital of America

Ahhh!  After a bit of a break, we’ve returned to life on the scenic route and are ready to post an update!  We left the beautiful landscape of New Mexico and set out to cross the forlorn  desert of Texas.  … Continue reading

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Carlsbad Caverns

After our alien adventures subsided ;), we awoke the next morning to a beautiful sky and an open road, so we headed south for Carlsbad, our original New Mexico destination. I was a bit skeptical that I would like the … Continue reading

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Roswell, New Mexico…

On our way to Roswell, New Mexico, we decided to see for ourselves if this whole alien siting stuff was for real, so we determined the best way would be for us to actually sleep out under the stars and … Continue reading

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