My sisters’ houses are some of my kids’ favorite places to be.  I suppose it is the sense of family they feel when they are with their cousins that make it so pleasurable for all of us to stop in and visit with my sisters.  This trip had an unexpected air of excitement as the morning after arriving, my kids got a front row seat to watch some real farm life excitement.

I was more than a little impressed that my sister transformed herself into a veterinarian–and delivered two baby goats.  All of a sudden that talk we had a few months ago about how babies are born made a lot more sense to my very curious boys.  And I thought it was pretty remarkable to watch, too!

We pulled ourselves away from the McKamey’s Birthing Center 😉 in order to attend the end of the year carnival celebration at my niece and nephew’s school.  My sister was running a booth, so I went to help.  Together, I think we bent down about 15,000 times to pick up bean bags.

This act of bending over thousands of times to pick up bean bags would have been challenging for some people, but not us…because look what we had for breakfast! 😉

While I was in New Mexico, I watched a video called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  This led me to watch “Food, Inc.” and before I knew it I found myself juicing and relishing the idea of becoming a vegetarian.  My sister, Pauletta, took right to juicing, too, and she put on an awesome spread of fruits and vegetables when I went to her house.  I feel my body sing with delight when I drink a freshly prepared juice!  Yummo!

My mom came up from Blackfoot to join the fun and took all the grandkids swimming one day and then roller skating the next day.  She was pretty gutsy (and the only grandma out there) out on the floor!

While roller skating, we did the limbo. (I say “we” like I was out there strutting my stuff, but someone had to stay on the sidelines to take the pictures!)  Nathan is really quite good at this game and he got down to two of them left.  I was wildly impressed that Nathan’s competition gave him such a run for his money…even though he had no arms.  What an inspirational young man!  I was very happy that the teenager running the game stopped the competition before either fell…so both kids walked away winners.









Winning a limbo competition is hard work and after delivering goats, swimming, and roller skating, Nathan needed a little nap!

I had a bit of work to get done while in Idaho, and  I didn’t get to visit as many people as I would have liked, however, my sister and I did get to go and visit our grandparents.   My Grandpa Beach is 91 and had been out planting tomatoes all afternoon.  How fantastic is that!  He dug deep into the archives of family history and told us some stories I’ve never heard before.  It was great!

From his house, we went and visited my Grandma Stecklein who, although it was nine o’clock at night, took the kids to Airport Park to climb on the tanks.  🙂

The boys had a great time with their cousins and the new baby goats.  In fact, they brought The New Kids on the Block (okay…that just came to me….a nineties girl!)  in the house and gave them a bath.  Then they brought out the animal diapers, and we watched the goats run around the kitchen. What a highlight to our Idaho visit!









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