The drive from Montana to Washington brought with it the chance to cross through the panhandle of Idaho, one of the most beautiful parts of the country.  Couer D’Alene has all the rich green colors I love, along with plenty of lakes and mountains.  Simply beautiful! We crossed over into Spokane and relished in our accomplishment of having visited all lower 48 states!

We stayed the night in Spokane and took off the next morning to cross the middle of Washington though Wenatchee–the apple capital of the world.  This was a quaint little town that led me to feel like I was driving through the Swiss Alps. The mountains still had snow and the green made for a perfect backdrop.   The orchards that filled the country side made me want to return in the fall for apple festivities!

Instead of going into Seattle and Pike’s Market, we decided to bypass the big city and head north to visit an old college roommate near Marysville.  LaShaunna Hepworth and I were roommates at BYU, and we haven’t seen each other in over ten years.  It was lovely to spend an evening with her family and meet her husband and children.  She prepared a fabulous meal for us, and we played a board game with the adults against the children.  I won’t say who won, but I wasn’t on the winning team. 😉

From LaShaunna’s house, I was planning on heading south and home to Newberg, but when I realized how far north we were, it seemed a shame not to go just a bit more north to the San Juan Islands…(the thought actually entered my mind that the San Juan Islands are close to Victoria…which is in British Columbia which is nearly to Alaska, but I dismissed that idea because I am not as impulsive as I used to be. :))

We drove to Anacortes and took the ferry out through the San Juan Islands to Friday Harbor.  Here we walked through the harbor, in and out of art galleries and eclectic little shops.  This was a great way to spend an afternoon!

On the ferry back, Nathan and Christian took advantage of the half-put-together puzzle, and we all added a few pieces.

The mist settled in over the islands, and it looked like a scene you would see on a murder mystery.  I love the foggy mist and feel confident that Newberg will provide enough fog to fill my need in coming years.

After our trip around the islands, we put the truck and trailer on the ferry to take us across to Port Townsend.  I’ve wanted to go to Port Townsend for about eight years.  When I first opened THE FOUR SISTERS, we came in contact with a lotion company in Port Townsend.  This was a small family business that made lotion out of goat milk and lavender.  The lotion was fabulous, and I especially loved the picture in my mind of goats grazing in a lavender field.   The lady who introduced me to the company told me stories of the farmer’s markets and art scene that abounded in Port Townsend.  It always enticed me to visit.

We were lucky enough to find ourselves in Port Townsend on a Friday afternoon.  Naturally, we had to stay until the Farmer’s Market the next morning.

We went out for dinner at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria then strolled the downtown and took in loads of local artwork.  By the end of the evening, my kids had had enough of the art scene, so I indulged them by WD 40ing up their Heeleys and taking them to the skate park, where I was quite confident we were going to end up in the emergency room.  Much to my delight, we had no casualties.

Below is a little video of us at the pizzeria.  I was so surprised how this video ended that I hit the stop button…unfortunately.






The next morning after a lively market full of local aritsans, we turned southwest to go through Olympic National Park…America’s most thriving rainforest.  Hurricane Ridge still had quite a bit of snow, but I was glad we took the drive to look out over the valley.

The Hoh Rainforest was brimming with plant life of all kinds.  Aside from the spiders, this is the kind of forest that I love to wander through because there is so much to take in…not to be trite, but…it was beautiful–perfect scenery for the luscious northwest and a finale of six month American tour.  With only one day left on our trip, we were thrilled to see such beauty so close to home!

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  1. One of my favorite things about your travels, about you, is that you find beauty and pleasure everywhere you go. But best of all you have fun with your boys. Well traveled, my friend. You deserve every ounce of pleasure you took from your adventure!

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